Best Top 10 Android Games For Kids In 2019

Choosing the best top 10 android games for kids sometimes can be really tough for a parent to decide. There are loads of great games available for Android, but how can you pick out “The Best Top 10 Android Games For Kids?” That why in this article, we compiled a list of suggestions that includes our picks of Best Top 10 Android Games that are currently available. We cover the best Android games titles based on these categories Arcade, Logic, Puzzle, Adventure, Sport, and more. Most of these games will give an entertaining and educational experience on the go to your kids.

1- 123 Preschool Math (Education)

Pre School Math

123 Preschool Math games is all one solution for kids’ math learning. It is crafted after proper research done on kids, how they can easily learn mathematics. Different math practices, lessons are considered while creating this educational math game.  In these games, kids can learn how to count number 123 and read numbers by counting objects displayed on the screen. This method can help them to recognize and remember the number easily. 

Besides that, at Trace 123 with Phonics section they can write 123 numbers by tracing on designed patterns mentioned on the screen. When they completed the pattern, phonics of the letter will be played for improving pronunciations. 123 Preschool Math games also covers 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade math exercises. This can be found at the addition and subtraction part where toddlers have to solve small math equations. There will be three option mentioned under each equation and kids have to choose the correct answer. Why every parent mus have this amazing 123 Preschool Math? Research proved that this math game increase kids’ capability to solve math problems.

2-Kids Zoo Day 2 (Puzzle)

Kids Zoo Day 2

Kids Zoo Day 2 games is a jigsaw puzzle game and one of the Best Top 10 Android Games that suitable for both children and parents. In these games, parents can let their children play and develop their cognitive skills, fine motor skills, patience, and their ability to focus. The goal of the game is to assemble each picture. This game usually comes with three difficulties with an increasing amount of pieces for each picture.

3-Subway Surfers World Tour 2019 Bangkok (Arcade)

Subway Surfers

Let your kids dash as fast as they can through the subway and dodge the oncoming trains. The Subway Surfers World Tour 2019 Bangkok will make your kids traveling to the astonishing Subway of Thailand such as surf among floating markets and golden statues in beautiful Bangkok. In this game, the player needs to help Jake, Tricky, and the rest of the crew escape from the inspector and his dog! Basically, they have to search the subway for seashells, unlock great weekly prizes and compete for shiny medals in the weekly Top Run race. These games are really amazing and your kids will feel more adrenaline when playing these games.

4-Kids: Farm Colouring (Arcade)

Kids: Farm Colouring

Turn your kids into the artists they truly are. These games can teach your kids how to create black dogs and blue cats and go even further beyond their imagination. With Kids: Farm Colouring it will be easier than ever before for them to be more creative. The goal of the game is to color each picture. In these games, your kids can use various coloring instruments, colors, stickers, and the “undo” button.  All of that thanks to the full-color palette and various other designs that can be applied to anything. There are no limitations in using any color. As a parent, you don’t have to worried about letting your kids play these games because all settings and instructions are protected by a simple parental lock.

5-Extreme Kids Race (Action)

How about letting your kids test these Extreme Kids Race action games? These games are all about a wild kid that has to collect energy points. This game is not easy and fully packed with surprises. With awesome graphics and amazing sound effects, we believe that your kids will enjoy playing these games pretty much. Since the skateboard can be converted into either Motorcycle (with a machine gun), gravity rocket, flying skateboard, and more, your kids can get many upgrades as they ride. It is an awesome reflex and are the most needed skills to achieve success. Be ready to let your kids lift off!

6-Happy Pet’s Match (Logic)

Happy Pets

Help a little chick clean up the mess. Let your kids get their mood up with Happy Pet’s Match! This games are very simple and easier for your kids. The most basic way to play this games are; players have to match the same pet icons in greater numbers to erase a bigger portion of the board! For example, they have to swap and match happy pets to form chains of 3 or more of the same color. After that, it will crush through blocks standing in their way. In addition, player also will be rewarded with explosive power-ups if they match 4 or more. Sound interesting right? So, why not let your kids play this games and let them feel lots of challenging in every levels that wait for them! 

7- Zoo Quiz (Puzzle)

Zoo Quiz

Did you kids know the difference between an African and Asian elephant? Or between a cheetah and jaguar? Let’s them find out in Zoo Quiz games. There are dozens of animals are waiting for you. Mammals, dogs, cats, fish, insects and much more. In this Zoo Quiz games, your kids have to look at beautiful photos of various animals and try to guess all their names. It is the right time for them to show off their animal knowledge.But don’t worry, your kids can still use the elegant hint system to help overcome difficulties. As a parent, have your ever wonder how many of them recognize all the animals or can spell the names correctly? It’s harder than you think right. 

8- Frisbee Forever 2 (Sport)

Frisbee Forever 2

Did your kids like to play sport games? Let them experience the roller-coaster ride of their lifetime with one of the world’s most beloved toys Frisbee Forever 2. In these games, players have to discover a game filled with mysterious, challenging bonus levels and hidden secrets that waiting to be uncovered. There were more than 75 creative and individually designed tracks throughout three brand new worlds booming with life. Players can dive and glide along the edge of erupting volcanoes, fly majestically above snow-covered China or admire their reflection in the river glance at full pace through the European countryside. Basically, in these games players have to complete daring missions, level up, unlock every Wham-O Frisbee, and expand their collection of unique discs. If you want to know your kid’s Frisbee skills, let’s download this app from TouchnPlay services now.

9-Flying Witch (Adventure)

Flying Witch

Flying Witch is a leisure game, suitable for kids to play during their leisure time. This game presents delicate and beautiful scenes, easy operation, and an achievement system to challenge the player. In this game, players have to help and control the witch to find pets and bring them home. The more pets the Witch gets; the more adventures the games will be. It sounds easier right for your kids to feel the adventures.


10- Bomb The Monsters (Puzzle)

Believe me, you kids will love this addictive game. “Bomb the Monsters” features the story of a highly talented painter who is living a perfect life with his beloved wife. But one-day things are changing when a huge horde of ugly monsters invade planet earth, capture the painter’s wife, and exhaust and exploit the whole planet. Now it’s up to the player to stop this horrible invasion and rescue the poor hostage – easier said than done! This game offers over 60 levels in beautiful HD graphics; each level comes with non-linear solutions to eliminate the ugly monsters. At every level, the player needs to place a limited amount of bombs next to the monsters for getting surroundings and buildings collapse on them to drive the monsters out. But the monsters are coming in various sizes and shapes and are fat, imbecile, and extremely sticky. Great music and sounds plus a motivating achievement system are part of this addictive mobile game as well and offering fun for your whole family.

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