The Power Of HTML5 Games

Today’s modern users tend to spend lots of their time in navigating the web from the browsers using mobile devices, laptop and desktops either for online shopping purpose or just for an entertainment. Games are probably one of the popular ways through which the users prefer to interact with their mobile devices or web browser for entertainment purpose. As we know, there are hundreds of games available out there in the wild that can be played online (in the HTML5 web browser) or install the mobile games app. However, HTML5 games and online video games have seen a boom in the recent years due to advancements in the browsers and browser based technologies that include CSS, HTML, Bootstrap’s and JavaScript. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of playing HTML5 Games instead of mobile app games.

1.  HTML5 games can minimize the mobile devices storage capacity.

Each of mobile device has very limited storage capacity. For some user, they only can install a few apps due to the mobile storage issue. For example, Samsung Galaxy J6 mobile devices cannot support more than 200 apps/games due to the storage size issue. If user want to play any preferred mobile games with high storage capacity, sometimes they have to uninstall a few apps to reduce the storage space. While HTML 5 games are played online. They do not necessarily require one to download and install in mobile devices in order to play them. This games actually can be play online through the web browser anytime, anywhere and all the sources were save in 2nd parties’ servers. So, means it will not affect the user mobile storage capacity and it can reduce the space for them to install another useful apps instead of games.

2.  HTML5 games are compatible and support cross-platform

As we know, HTML5 games are compatible with IOS, android and windows operating systems. What benefits do user and game developers can get from this? For developer side, this mean that once they had developed the HTML5 games, no need for them to build/re-code this games in order to make it be compatible with different devices or operating system such as IOS and Android. It also allows developer to easily create games that adapt to different screen resolutions, screen sizes, aspect ratios, and requirements.

Meanwhile for user side, if they want to play games which is not compatible with current mobile devices, at least they don’t have to buy a new device that support their preferred games to play. Users can access HTML5 games seamlessly on a variety of devices like phones, PCs, laptops, and other smart devices with web browsers. It is because HTML5 games can also be deployed as local web games and can be viewed in browsers.

3.        HTML5 are easy to update and maintain

Don’t you ever feel annoying or bored, if you have to updates some mobile apps every week or month?? Just imaging if you had 60 apps included games in your mobile devices, and they will be asking you to updates 4-10 apps per week. If you don’t update, the red notifications will keep appear on your mobile screen as a reminder to updates the software. Feel annoying right?? But for HTML5 games, this problem wasn’t happened.

HTML5 games easier to update, maintain and requires less time because a single code base makes the games are configured automatically from the developer side/2nd parties’ server and users don’t have to update the software themselves. The developer doesn’t need to wait for compilation, updates & debugging in real-time, and once it is done, they can push out the update immediately. Once the updates are made by server, they’re applied to all platforms where users can play the latest version of the game. Hence, it will make this games features are available to all users instantaneously and save their time. In addition, this method also can help developer to save their time and energy to resubmit the latest games features to different app store and can easily take the game offline temporarily or permanently as it is not installed on the users’ devices.

4.        HTML5 games easily to access.

As mentioned before, HTML5 offers developers the perfect combination of flexibility and cross-platform availability to quickly deploy mobile games. It also provides the APIs for Canvas, WebGL, and Web Audio which is essential for constructing advanced games that are compatible to run in a web browser. Hence, it can provides cross-browser support for games and making it accessible from modern browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Silk, Edge, and Opera. We already informed that, the vast majority of mobile games out there are casual. Basically, people don’t engage them for hour but what they are looking for is a fast entertainment that’s easily accessible anywhere at their convenience and doesn’t need commitment to install. Hence mobile HTML5 games are perfect choice. 

Last but not least, many of us love playing multiple games every day or during the free time. Games sometimes like a relationship that we have to change every day. Sometime you love one games and then fall in love with another games and have to changes. When you don’t love that games and want to changes to new one, for sure you had to uninstall and delete the games to minimize the mobile storage in order to install a new game. Why wasting your time and effort to do this while there are hundreds of games available out there in the wild that can be played online in the browser? HTML5 Games are easier to deploy, need no updates to be downloaded, and are cross-platform, running on any device with a browser supporting web standards. You don’t need to install a HTML5 game before you start playing them on your smartphones or desktop. In conclusion, from the above mentioned advantages, it is well understood that HTML5 offers an array of new possibilities and power in the arena of game development and among users. If you are really interested in creating cross platform and cross browser games with unmatched design, features and quality, get in touch with Exvas today to know more about our HTML5 games services.

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