Mobile Games Industry

The Mobile games and apps industry brings massive changes in the dynamics of the mobile industry. Each year marks new technologies and advancements in mobile apps and mobile games. 2019 is about to end, and the year witnesses a spectacular growth of $68.5 billion.

The average time spent on mobile phones increases from 152 minutes to 215 minutes until 2018, which will reach 234 minutes by 2021. And almost half of this time is spent on online games. 

Brief Glance at Mobile Games and App Industry 

The world has seen tremendous growth in the global gaming industry, especially in mobile games or android games. It just took our lives by storm due to their accessibility than before. According to statistics among 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, almost 77 percent of them are Americans.
With the continuous increase in the use of smartphones, dramatically helps in the establishment and growth of game stores and Exvas mobile games. Thanks to technology now, mobile phone users can have a video game in their pockets. 
The most common advancement, which plays a vital role in the growth of mobile gaming, includes faster processing speed, higher-quality graphics, and unlimited data plans. The mobile gaming industry successfully attracts new audiences apart from attracting new gaming franchises, gaming influencers, and the influx of ad dollars from brands.

Unstoppable Phenomena of Gaming and App Industry 

There are so many apps for b users just a few clicks away from them. And almost 33 percent of app download consists of mobile games. Almost 2.4 billion people play HTML5 games all around the globe. 
In mobile app users, 50 percent is a mobile game person. Mobile gaming apps are as popular as most music apps like Apple Music and Spotify. Now people spent more time on their phones than on television. Therefore apps are the new prime time for users, whereas mobile games successfully grab the lion share. 
There is almost every type of game from casual ones to popular hyper-casual games, each of which is easy to download. With new trends in demographics, geography, and consumption investment in mobile games is increased. Besides industry, traditional franchise markets and governments are also taking an interest in the online games industry.

Revenue Generation from Mobile Games

With the tremendous growth in the mobile industry and its use of android game developers are constantly looking for ways to generate revenues from the mobile gaming industry. In this regard, they use several monetization models to earn revenues from mobile games.

Most popular monetization models are:

    – Direct sales 
    – In-app purchase 
    – Crowdfunding 
    – Freemium 
    – Subscription 
    – Sponsorship 
    – Though advertisements 

Revenue generation is the best and most popular monetization model. The main reason behind its popularity is the greater number of downloads, free downloads, and higher developer revenue. It is estimated that almost 63 percent of mobile revenue will be generated through advertisements in 2020. 

Final Verdict 

The mobile gaming industry is growing with each passing day and is a center of interest for several investors. Developers earn a tremendous amount of revenues from online games through monetization models that best suit them.

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