Parental Control For Kids

What is Parental Control? Technology is making progress by leaps and bounds. Things are very different from what they were a decade ago. When people now in there 20s were growing up, they did not have mobile phones and other fancy gadgets to play with. We rode bicycles and played football in our spare time.

The only technology we had back in the day were console games and most of us were only allowed to play for a specific time. But now things just seem to have spiraled out of control. Every child and toddler has their own mobile phone, full of games and easy access to the internet and social media.

Parents these days are trying their best to limit technology for their kids but we know how hard Parent Control for kids can be when they are surrounded by all these gadgets and gizmos. We need to understand that it is not the childs fault and all parents must be supportive and vigilant when it comes to such issues with kids.


If you are a parent of young child in this time and age then we have got just what you need to put your worried mind to ease. There are all sorts of content out there and if you want your child to stay safe and use their technological access for a healthy purpose then parental control apps are your way to go.

What does a Parental Control App Do?

A parental control app has various features. If your child has a smartphone or tablet, it can allow you to keep track of their activities and restrict certain content for them.

They can also allow you to set a limited time for playing games or using social media on the childs phone. There are certain devices that come with built-in parental control apps so you would not need to download one for your children. Google, Apple, and Amazon have introduced such handy features.

Moving on, let us talk about the various platforms used by your child that need filtering and limitations.

Kids with Mobile Phones

Mobile phones were invented to make it easier for people to communicate with one another but today there is a lot more to it than just communicating. Your mobile is an all in one device that allows you to call, text people, play games, take pictures and watch videos.

So, you can only imagine the kind of access your child would have to all sorts of things online. Parent Control apps are just what you need to allow your child to use social media, games, and videos in a healthy way.

Kids with Social Media

While you cannot stop your child from having a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account you can keep track of their activities and curb their access to potentially harmful content with the parental control apps.

Kids with Video Games/ PC Games

Some games are available on phones so the apps can easily filter them out but for the ones present on the PC there is the certain parental control software that could definitely be of use to you.

Final Verdict

Parental control apps are very helpful in providing a safe technological access to your kids. Apart from that parents should try in indulging their kids in sports and playful activities outdoors for a well-balanced life.

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