SMS and VOICE Services Solution


Zlink established in 2006. It is leading SMS and Interactive Voice Services provider in MENA region, in addition, it has direct connection with local providers and Telcos in the region.


Zlink company was struggling to develop and upgrade their current SMS and voice applications to meet their today’s business needs and must rely on high upfront cost of an outsourced IT company, as result, the cost rises steeply over time. At that time, Zlink company were  pushed to invest in equipment or software that it did not need at that stage. this happened because its previous  vendors had more expertise in those equipments and software. The challenge for Exvas was to blend all requirements and came out with sophisticated and easy to use of all in-one SMS and IVR system with low budget.


Where there’s a fear, there’s a solution.

As the leading SMS and voice applications on Middle east, Now Zlink equips their clients with everything they need to create and manage superior SMS and Voice services, giving them full and more control over their customer-facing communications. By implementing an all one one SMS and IVR system that outside of the box with unlimited sms services creating and numerous voice recordings capabilities, thus, providing tools to add new features, iterate the service flow with a few clicks with no lines of code, run campaigns to reach customers proactively and finally get accurate insights across all services.

Today Results


Deliver fast, efficient experiences


Remove the constraints of costly systems


Minimal applications development


Reduce cost of the adhoc development


Unlimited SMS and voice applications


Reliable and high-quality call experiences


Simplify integration to improve time-to-market


Real-time operational statistics and reporting

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