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Shammarcom is value added services company based on MENA region. It have more than 10 years of experience in the field of mobile communications, messaging and digital services. It helps telecommunication operators and mobile-focused companies deliver a better end-user experience with a comprehensive range of digital solutions that strive to boost their revenue.


Mobile Network Operators are primary focus is to present and implement opportunities for further growth in voice revenue with minimal risk and Unlocking lost revenues. The idea that voice ARPU should be on a natural decline in this current market is flawed considering current mobile penetration is not yet maximized. Shammarcom came out with an idea of developing new service called Sponsored Call and was looking for a highly innovative software company focused on providing solutions for telecom operators.


Where there’s a fear, there’s a solution.

Through an extensive R&D effort, Exvas tools allowed fast and low-cost development with an approach that is unique for the mobile services providers.  Sponsored Call provides mobile operators’ subscribers with voice-based options menu whereas they can make free calls either a Notify call through sending voice recording or make a short call, after listening to short voice advertisement along with other options which will generate different streams of revenue starting from Corporates, Advertisers and ending with Call back revenue.

Today Results


Increase Subscribers loyalty


New revenue stream for MNO and Shammarcom


New advertising channel


Developed a partnership between the mobile operator and various brands


Growth of Brand Awareness.


Instant rewards generate happy subscribers


Firing specific marketing messages upon preconfigured criteria.


Live results and easy to analyze

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