Seeleya Ltd.

Seeleya is a company based in the Kingdom of Saudi and was founded in 2012 which adds up to over two decades worth of experience on the market. By now Seeleya is one of the biggest companies in its field in the Baltics and in the Nordic countries with a yearly turnover of 17 million euros.


The Seeleya website was primarily designed to provide corporate, contact, and some basic information, while most functions are outdated or not mobile optimized, so the user experience was poor. Thus, they are not set up to compete with major players in their field that have much better branding and better reputation due to their size. As result, they were losing customers because their competitors do online better than they do.


Where there’s a fear, there’s a solution.

Exvas is extremely delighted to serve Seeleya with a full solution in order to penetrate the industrial marketplace and take advantage of the internet and the current digital trends to promote their brand directly with online store functions that include information of products and on top of that, a clear path for your customer to buy products and request for quote directly regardless of their locations.
Exvas built an e-commerce website to transform Seeleya’s existing business to an online marketplace for Industrial Products, Tools, Equipment, Machinery where Seeleya team can promote the brands that they have and market their products to a global audience.

Today Results


Lead Generation and Increase conversion rates


Reduce Phone Calls and Emails Communication


Enhance Customer Experience


Data accuracy and Real time reporting


Save time and reduced cost


Low Marketing Cost


Easier to scale up


Build Trust with all in One marketplace

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