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Libra Ltd.

One of our recent case studies around ERPNext stands as a testimony for our deep experience and proactive approach to digital transformation demands. LIBRA is a subsidiary of LIBRA TECHCON LTD and one of the leading contracting companies in Saudi Arabia for Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & instrumentation Services of Petrochemical, chemical, and all process industries.


Libra management team was finding itself constrained by the lack of date ERP systems integrated across the company. Disconnected, multiple systems had become a bottleneck on every aspect of industrial and manufacturing supplying operations, making it progressively more difficult to provide the responsiveness the company prides itself on. 


Where there’s a fear, there’s a solution.

Despite all the options out there, the Libra team was hesitant about the ERP option, but where there’s a fear, there’s a solution. It was quite confusing for them to identify which option they go for that keeps the entire purchase and sales process in order and decide which one to apply. Exvas worked with the Libra team for two weeks to understand their sales orders process, workflows, and the design of the existing ERP system. With our analytics data and research results in hand,  we came out with the most suitable and the optimal ERP solution to support their objectives. Two weeks of online discussions and research allowed our team to kick off the design, development process and implement an ERPNext system often and iterate quickly based on our client feedback and usability testing.

Today Results


Improve business performance


Reduce working cost and capital.


Reduce time spent on evaluating other ERP options 


Data accuracy and Real time reporting


Faster information and Cloud Security


Improve customer service


Effective communication within departments and suppliers


Simplify workload

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