4 Tips How To Market Your Mobile Apps in the year 2020

Almost everyone uses mobile devices now, from toddlers to seniors. There was a huge mobile apps market in mobile device apps store platforms such as Google Play (Android) and Apple Store (iOS). The majority of the apps store content comes from various app categories. Some developer builds games app, health app, travel app, transportation booking apps, Islamic app, education app, dating apps and more. App downloads usually peak within the first couple of weeks after launching. But those results are short-lived if your app’s community and marketing efforts are not built to last. It is not easier to make the user download and engage with new mobile apps unless you have figure out who your ideal users are, why they should download the app, how to encourage them to do so and what can make them keep engage with the apps. In order to achieve this, for sure you need to have a great plan to market your mobile app in the year 2020.

1- Using the power of social media to promote your mobile apps.

According to Global Web Index reports, the average social media user now spends 2 hours and 16 minutes each day on social platforms up from 2 hours and 15 minutes last year which equates to roughly one-third of their total internet time, and one-seventh of their waking lives. The amount of time that people spend on social media has increased again this year and it is expected will keep growing on the next year 2020.

As we know, Facebook maintains as a top social media platform ranking in the year 2019 compared to Instagram, WeChat, LinkedIn and Snapchat. In fact, Facebook user numbers continue to grow around the world, with the platform adding 18 million new users to its addressable advertising audience in Q4 of 2018 alone [According to Hoot Suite Report]

Peoples primary motivations for using Facebook because they want to build connections and remain to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. Besides that, they also engage on Facebook because of the many types of brand content appear. The graphic design poster, infographic, and promotions poster they see from Facebook are more attractive compared to the official website. In addition, through this social media platform customer can communicate and ask about the product directly using a chat box compared using the web contact form which is will get feedback within 3 days working ours.

Recently, almost more than 80 million small and medium-sized businesses publishing pages to Facebook at the time to promote their new product. Same goes to mobile app company where they will use Facebook to promote their latest innovation product through creative and attractive graphic design to attract customer attention.

2- Promote your mobile app through other mobile app advertisements platform.

With nearly 70% of the global population having a smartphone, you can see that the future of mobile marketing lies with mobile apps. For example, with over 2 million apps in the Apple App Store and almost 3 million in Google Play, it can be tough for potential users to discover your app. That means the right kind of app marketing campaign can make a huge difference when it comes to helping your app build an audience.

The use of apps in promoting a brand or product became necessary when mobile technology exploded a few years ago, with more people using mobile devices to access the internet than desktop. That is good news. Because it is the direct result of growth in mobile technology, and consumers wish to remain connected on the go and spending more time on mobile apps. Basically, mobile app advertisements focused on app promotion, and even more importantly, the engagement and retention of users who have already downloaded your app.

In addition, basically mobile apps it was built in with Push notifications. This push notification is alerts or banners that appear on a users mobile device home screen or lock screen. They are similar to a text message, but a user has to have downloaded your app to receive them. The main benefits of these functions are to notify users about new special offers, major new features, or a highly relevant app update.

3-  Create a creative video marketing to attract user attention.

YouTube comes in at number two rank in this years 2019 for digital marketing rankings. We already know that YouTube is the worlds favorite video social platform which breaks the 2 billion user mark. In order to promote your mobile app, you must have your own YouTube Channel and create a creative video especially on how your mobile app can be the deal to solve with specific problems. This will help capture people that are looking for solutions to those problems and convert them into users. Once they see a step-by-step guide on how they can use the application for their needs, they are so much more likely to give it a try.

A demonstration is a great way to get customers interested in downloading and using your mobile app. Remember that, even the simple mobile app design can be confusing to some people although it comes with instructions and onboarding because users don’t understand how to use it without demonstrations. So, why not to start creating a creative video in order to promote your new mobile app.

4- Join Digital Technology Innovation Conference and Competition.

Since there are so many high-quality conferences, competitions and events put on each year, you really need to think about which ones you should go to and what you will get out of them by attending. Joining the digital technology innovation conference or competition also one of the best ways to help the organization promote new mobile apps innovation. This may seem odd as attending a conference is all about personal career development, networking and the like, but nowadays, we can use this method to markets our products too.

Joining an innovation or start-up competition brings lots of benefits for the participating teams such as increased visibility, invaluable feedback, a great opportunity to network, money prize, mentoring, investing or funding opportunity, and media exposure. Media exposure is very important because it makes your product brand famous among users.

The submissions of this competition also came in from across the country and were evaluated by professors, investors and industry experts. As the expert jury consists of your target group in general, these competitions offer you the chance to enhance your pitch skills and promote your product effectively.

Last but not least, given the sheer number of apps available in the market, it’s more challenging than ever to gain an app user’s attention or market the mobile apps. That’s why your mobile app needs to stand out from the crowd – both in and outside of an app store-so people can find it and use it, again and again. Get the right tools, promote the app, send press releases, leverage social media marketing, and if your app is truly awesome (and it should), you could launch a mobile ads campaign to get more attraction. Want to leave mobile apps marketing tactics to the experts? Let Exvas help you. We do have mobile apps ads which can help you advertise your mobile applications. 

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