The Importance Of Digital Transformation & Technologies

New technology is continually developing, and the digital transformation we have seen so far is likely only the start of the changes we all see over the coming years. Digital transformation is the changes associated with digital technology application and integration into all aspects of human life and society. It is the move from the physical aspect to digitalization. Put simply, it is about changing the way a business interacts with its customers and how they provide their customers with a consistent experience whenever and wherever they need it.

We have moved from digital products and infrastructure to digital distribution and web strategy to now into more holistic transformations that clearly are based on mobile, social media, digitization and the power of analytics and we think it is really a new era requiring new strategies in the year 2020

Saul Berman | IBM

The ongoing digital transformation is having such a dramatic impact on our society. Organizations now face the reality that technological revolution can no longer be stopped. Almost every aspect of business will be profoundly changed by digitization and the IoT. For companies, a digital transformation is viewed as means of transforming their business, streamline processes, and making use of technologies to enhance their interaction with customers and employees and deliver excellent customer experience at the same time. Almost 80% of business leaders believe that companies late to adopt digital transformation or IoT techniques will be left in the dust by competitors that got it a bit sooner. There is so many reasons why digital transformation was very important.

1. Efficiency Will Increase

I believe advances in digital technology have played an important role in improving productivity and overall efficiency.The integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to employees. It is believed that digital transformation can increase their working efficiency. 

As we know, nowadays people are tending to complete their task quickly. With current digital transformation and digital technology tools, they can access more information, which allows them to make better decisions, and work easier. Technology actually can help them improve the way they carry out tasks. Starting from manual, now everything turned out into digital. This is the best way to speed up an existing process or allow new, more flexible ways of carrying out the job.

2. Customer Satisfaction Will Improve

Digital transformation offers organizations an opportunity to understand the modern-day buyer, engage with them and deliver on their expectations of multi-channel customer experience. Todays buyers want any business organizations to treat them as a unique individual, and know their personal preferences and purchase history. Knowing your customers, having a line of communications open to them and being able to respond quickly to their queries are all crucial elements to a successful business.

For example, nowadays online shopping users can buy their preferred thing through a digital platform such as Lazada, Shoppe and etc. In this platform, they can pay money digitally, through credit card, debit card, and etc. The process is very secure through the various payment gateway. Customer can arrange money transfer and check their incoming and outgoing payments remotely. In addition, they also can track their delivery order through mobile devices which is making them feel satisfied to know their purchase history are secure and ready to be collected at the right time. In digital transformation, basically we prioritizes and values user experience while also adding new functions and capabilities. It is to believe that a good customer experience-driven culture is the only way to live in 2019 and next coming year 2020.

3. Opening New Channels For Business Growth

Technology has an undeniable impact on how we carry out our daily routines, but it has also changed the way we do business. Companies see digital transformation as a way to help them accelerate their business worldwide. The Digital transformation is changing business models especially when modern information technology and intelligent software solutions enable seamless monitoring of processes – and associated overheads. As we know, there are lots of brands, such as Amazon that has created a successful business from the US, making every purchase of the customer faster, even instant from other nearest country. By using GPS-driven drones, nowadays Amazon can deliver almost every single product directly to any place. However, this is still new and they are facing challenging on offline distribution as well, monitoring deliveries with real-time data updated on an application by the workers themselves. Further innovations should be taken in order to create new technologies which can resolve this issue.

Lastly, in todays fast-moving technologies customers now expect to have what they want, when they want it, with supreme value and superior experience from any device. So it is vital that technology becomes part of your digital transformation strategy. In Exvas, we leverage the latest and emerging technology innovations as well as in digital content to facilitate enterprise-wide modernization. Adopt the digital transformation approach and shape the future of your own business! As long as you focus on creating better, more convenient experiences for your audience, there are plenty of ways to integrate new technology in ways that benefit your customers and help your business team serve customers even more efficiently. So what are you waiting for, make a move and contact us now.

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