Customize your website to meet your business goals.


Easy to navigate and ensure consistency in appearance.


Update your website remotely with clean and easy-to-use UI.


Multi features with ease of maintenance and updates


Scale your website to fit mobile devices, tablets and desktops.


Reduce website maintenance and upgrade costs.


Optimize your website and content for search engines.


Use dynamic marketing tools to improve sales and your client retention.


No need for technical guy to modify your web pages and content.


Multi features with ease of maintenance and updates


Easy to integrate your website with 3rd party business applications.


Store and manipulate your archived content, either for present or future usage.


Building a website is not a one-off assignment

We ensure that our client’s website and CMS platform meets the established web standards.

Installation and Setup

We deliver and setup all necessary tools, themes, plugins, widgets along with a lot of numerous options that will help you create the website you need without having to compromise.

Development and Customization

Exvas web development team knows the tools and techniques needed to build unique, highly-functional websites customized to serve your business needs and represent your brand in the best light. Whether you need a small blog, large corporate site or an eCommerce website, Exvas has your CMS development and customization needs covered.

Security and Enhancement

Web infrastructure can be overwhelming, and security can be headache if you don’t have someone dedicated to ensure that your website is backed up, secured and running smoothly. We are here to help you keep business safe from hackers and intruders, ensuring  timely backup security and data storage.

CMS Hosting and Management

We provide you with all the tools and infrastructure you need to easily host, create and manage optimized website content personalized for different visitors with continuous support from our team.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Implementing vulnerability patches, updates, and create technical barriers to potential threats to your CMS website with secure  maintenance and minimum downtime to make your website even more competitive.

Cloning and Migration

Moving to a new platform is a serious undertaking and can have a critical impact on your and day-to-day operations if not done carefully. At Exvas, we implement a smooth migration and hosting services at a very affordable price with premium hosting of uptime %99.

Performance and Optimization

Whether it’s a new website or integrating an existing one, As specialists in cross-disciplinary website performance optimization, your website goes through an auditing process and speed by optimizing images, source codes, database, and other improvements. we ensure that your website is running at the highest speed possible and even more competitive.

Support and Improvements

Building a website is not a one-off assignment. Your online presence requires attention with ongoing support services to assist you with updates, bug fixes, and ongoing development requirements. We will make sure that your website and CMS platform meets the established web standards.

API and 3rd Party Integration

If you plan to expand your website beyond standard plugins & existing functionality? We will allow you to focus on growing your business, while our developers take care of your website and provide the on-demand integration you need with the major 3rd party applications.